ELGi Equipments was established in 1960 as an air compressor and garage equipment manufacturing company. Over the years, the company has exponentially grown its product portfolio and aligned its offering to changing market requirements.


ELGi has a portfolio of over 400 products and accessories. Over the years, we have built a strong brand through strategic partnerships with global leaders, product innovation by way of in-house research and engineering, and a customer- centric approach.

ELGi Wins The Deming Prize

Elgi Equipments, one of the world’s leading air-compressor manufacturers, with 2 million installations across 100 countries, has won the coveted 2019 Deming Prize for the sustained application and leverage of TQM (Total Quality Management) across the organization. The Deming Prize is one of the highest awards on TQM (Total Quality Management) in the world and since its establishment in 1951, has been awarded to 251 organizations worldwide. ELGi is the first globally established, industrial air compressor manufacturer, outside of Japan, to win the prestigious award in over 60 years.

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Covering All Your Needs

Air Compressor Parts

Genuine ELGi parts prolong your compressor’s life and enhance its performance. Thanks to our efficient after-sales network dedicated to ensuring world-class service and follow-ups, customers can easily procure ELGi compressor parts for timely replacement under warranty protection and repair.

ELGi air compressors are engineered to provide many years of reliable service, so using genuine ELGi compressor spare parts is imperative. ELGi’s Custom made filters and separators can maximize the uptime of your air compressor. In addition, the ELGi air filter system can work perfectly well in dusty conditions. ELGi’s air compressor service kit consists of necessary consumables enabling ease of replacement, operation, and maintenance of compressor parts and components. The timely replacement of the compressor parts confirms improved productivity of the compressed air system, increasing the machine’s longevity.

Service / Part

Service Exchange

The ELGi PG series comes with a unique rotary screw air-end that saves energy. The η-V rotor profiles maximize energy efficiency and hence minimizes energy expenses

Service Kits

ELGi’s comprehensive service kit comes with necessary consumables for easy replacement, operation, and maintenance of the compressor’s smaller interior parts and components.


Compressors require specific lubricants to suit different applications and working environments. Therefore, our lubricants are carefully formulated to cover your needs in different operating conditions.