ELGi EN-7.5 Electric Single Stage Compressor

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ELGi EN-7.5 electric single stage compressor is available in several out put configurations:-

  • 42.5 cfm 100 psi
  • 38.5 cfm 125 psi
  • 34 cfm 150psi
  • 30 cfm 175 psi

Encapsulated airend
Efficient air-0il seperation
Ease of maintenance
High efficiency motor
Low cost of ownership

ELGi’s EN series screw compressors are designed to encapsulate all functional components and compressor within a common housing. With its small footprint, high reliability and low maintenance requirements, the compressors are ideal for all industrial applications where size, efficiency and cost matter.

Encapsulated airend*

The EN series compressors are fitted with ELGi’s unique airend which encapsulates all major functional systems such as intake system, compression system and separation system within a common frame

  • Energy efficient
  • Minimal pressure drop across the system
  • Compact
  • Silent

Efficient air-oil separation with (<3ppm)

The air-oil separation by impact and deceleration action involves three stages:-

  • Stage 1: Impact of air-oil mixture on the tank circumferential area
  • Stage 2: Deceleration action of air-oil mixture to remove the oil particles
  • Stage 3: Air with minor traces of oil enters the spin on separator for purification

Ease of maintenance

  • Single service door access to routine maintenance points
  • Spin-on oil filter and separator elements for fast and easy routine service

Increased reliability

  • Designed for wide range of temperatures upto 45°C / 113°F
  • Neuron*controller

The Neuron* has been custom designed and engineered as an efficient control solution for encapsulated series. The system allows you to monitor and control overall performance with easy-to-use service indications, malfunction alarms and safety shutdowns.The controller is built-in with ‘service protect’ modules. It also includes a service and operational log feature to provide real-time feedback and increase system productivity

Low Cost of ownership


  • Space saving design
  • Powered by ELGi’s energy-efficient eta-V rotor profiles
  • Zero leakage due to integration of components/connections
  • Fewer parts and connections require only minimum maintenance


Longer life of consumables

  • Efficient air filtration system where air enters through pre-filtered enclosure. Cleaner suction air keeps the internal components of the compressor clean and maintains optimum cooling efficiency
  • Low oil-fill

Robust cooling system in high ambient temperature

  • Air cooling in separate hot and cold zones
  • High efficiency coolers and cooling fans ensure low operating temperature
  • Improved cooling ensures longer life of compressor